Sand Mandala of Medicine Buddha, Zagreb 2006
Organized by H.B.D. "Padmasana", branch for promotion of authentic Buddhistic spiritual arts and culture & "Himalaja" center for traditional Tibetan arts of healing

Medicine Buddha Mandala

Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala – enlightened field of highest healing


Mandala or Tibetan word dkil-khor is an architectural two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional building and its ground. dkil means mountain at the center and khor means the other limit of the horizon. The mandala thus expresses the figure of the universe endowed with "sacred" value. To build the mandala depicts origin of the universe and destruction of the mandala depicts Impermanence of all phenomena including the universe itself.

The mandala will be constructed in the H.D.L.U. "Meštrovićev paviljon" from 30. October to    November by authentic trained monks from the Buddhist University (Gyume Buddhist College). The very process of a part by part detailed construction is accomplished by wholesome prayers for world peace, harmony, good health and prosperity of all beings, recited by monks themselves.

From the point of fine arts, the materials used to make this elaborately designed mandala is crushed granite (mixed with stone colours) of different sizes and textures, placed in a three dimensional art form by hand instruments. Every line, pattern, symbol and even the colours represent different kind of enlightened activities of the Medicine Buddha in this particular mandala. All the substances used are purified and consecrated by means of rituals and prayers by the monks of Gyume Monastery.

What makes the construction of this sacred mandala of Universal peace very special is that it is performed in the very same way that was done in Tibet from 6.-7. century onwards, thus preserving the ancient Tibetan tradition based on Buddhist wisdom culture.

Although few of other types of mandalas have been made outside Tibet and India what makes this event in Zagreb one of its own kind is the rarity of mandala's using the central image an aspect of Buddha in the form of the omniscient master healer (Sangye Menla). Therefore this mandala not only aids world peace and harmony, but also specifically aids to improve own health through the balance of elements in the body (physical health) and through the balance of emotions (mental health).

However irrespective of one's own religious beliefs or knowledge of the Buddhist pantheon, the very viewing of the mandala by any person leads to a positive imprint in ones mind, a result of the vibration of the balancing energy, elaborate colours and the very construction and structure of the mandala.

This mandalic 'cosmogram' or diagram of the universe is generally depicted in the form of a square palace surrounded by a circle of flames within which the enlightened beings (Buddhas and Bodhisattvas) are placed in a systematic order. The circles and squares symbolize the structure of the world, while the enlightened beings (Buddhas and Bodhisattvas) symbolize its constituent elements.

Seeing the mandala or mentally entering into one is similar to entering any holy field, where one feels one has entered into a spatial sphere different from the space outside and upon entering the main hall of the inner space, one feels one has reached the center of the "sacred" integrated whole – which the holy field is itself. Therefore a powerful function of the mandala is to create a "sacred" spatial sphere in any place where it is constructed contributing to a greater peace and harmony of the outer environment at large, as well as an inner wellbeing for the onlookers.

Although the macrocosm (outer space) and microcosm (inner dimension of the being) differ quantitatively, their structure is homologous and the mandala represents this homology and serves as an aid to experience the identification of the macrocosm and microcosm.

In the mandala the universe is regarded as a single cosmos which may be comprehended in its entirety and this fact is expressed by the closed figure of the circle usually accompanied with flames of wisdom that surround the mandala. Through the process of visualization as the form of the entire world appears within the mind of a person, the individual and the whole are gradually united. Further for a practitioner who understands the meaning of the mandala, the visualization begins with the manifestation of the sacred in ones mind, whereupon the practitioner glaring at the figure of the "sacred" approaches the "sacred" and at the end of this practice is sanctified and united with the "sacred".

The very idea behind the mandala representing qualities of a enlightened being (Buddha) is to enable people to intouch the ultimate purity of ones own mind, ones own perfection, and inner peace. Within the structure itself for example the three outer rings of fire, lotus and vajras depict the indestructible nature of our wisdom, compassion and love. These three qualities can manifest in the fullest way in our own mind through positive deeds and purification.

Since we depend on each other in this world and since the viewing of such mandalas bring positive imprint in ones own mind stream, more number of people who see this event effect others positively thereby creating more Global Harmony in this world.

May this meritorious action support universal harmony and peace!

H.B.D. 'Padmasana'